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note: this event has ended. thank you to all who ordered!

sapsap x sweetbasil mke


We're hosting a limited time collaborative POP-UP for carry-out on


Pre-orders are highly recommended and can be placed below Thursday through Saturday, Dec. 15-17.


two families

Our father’s legacies have carried on through generations and have had a deep influence on our love of food and tradition.


Two veterans who fought wars together but more importantly, true friends who built a genuine bond over a hot grill, cold beers, and fishing on the river.


Today, as the current torch holders, we’re excited to continue their dreams by sharing our family's Laotian recipes, together, with our community.

Join SapSap at Sweet Basil for a memorable culinary takeover & collaboration on Dec. 18th.

Pre-orders are highly recommended.


If you have troubles viewing via mobile, try desktop for optimum experience.

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